Training and Growth Opportunity

By February 22, 2016 Franchisee Benefits

You will initially begin with a period of training which will set you up to operate a Wealthy & Wise franchise business. We will help you get up and running through assistance with site selection, lease negotiation and fitout. You will receive ongoing support from head office, along with numerous opportunities to grow your expertise over the course of your journey as a franchisee.

Our franchise model is set up so that the franchisee operates as a representative of the breadth and depth of the Wealthy & Wise services. You are not expected to be an expert in every area of the services sector as our head office team of professionals provide extensive support in actually developing quality strategies and advice for your clients. Your role as a franchisee will be to build trusted client relationships and present the strategies and advice that come as a result of the resources provided to you by the head office group. In many ways, you are a facilitator between clients and our different expert professionals in head office.

As opposed to running your own business in the area of your expertise, Wealthy & Wise allows you to offer a complete service, so you don’t have to outsource or redirect clients that need other services. You are able to provide services beyond your own expertise, meaning you don’t need to deny a paying client any service, which gives your business a competitive edge. Being able to do something as small as a tax return helps get potential clients through the door, most likely initiating a long-term relationship.

One of the most appealing aspects of becoming a Wealthy & Wise franchisee is the potential for you to grow your skillset immensely and branch out from your area of expertise. Our team of professional advisors will work with you closely, passing on their knowledge and skills to you where possible. Being constantly in contact with this expert team will no doubt provide ample opportunity for you to develop your personal skillset and achieve personal and professional growth.