Our Clients

By February 23, 2016 Franchisee Benefits

We know that our clients have a lot going on, which is why we want to make their experience as seamless and convenient as possible. It’s about creating an environment in which they can feel comfortable, are able to work closely with us to achieve their goals, and can get it all sorted in one place at a time that suits them. Many of our clients are in the mid to high income earning bracket, and are often very time poor.

We directly address our clients’ pain points. As opposed to a particular service that focuses on only one area of the individual’s financial strategy, we bring financial planning, tax and accounting, loans and lending, and property advice all together in one hub, to create a fully integrated plan. More than just financial planners, accountants or brokers, Wealthy & Wise is a team comprised of personal private advisers who are experts in their field and work very closely together to achieve the best outcome.

Because we know that life is busy for our clients, and that their financial decisions today will affect their future, we believe that it is essential to first understand what their lifestyle needs are and what their financial goals are. We then work with them to create an overarching strategy to achieve those goals, without compromising on their lifestyle of choice.

Our clients come to us for our holistic approach to lifestyle planning, as well as the excellent customer service that goes along with it. Our franchisees are great at building relationships founded on trust and respect. Not only do clients receive the best advice, they also experience warm and friendly service. To be a Wealthy & Wise franchisee you will share our values, have a high level of integrity and honesty, and will be a friendly and approachable individual who is able to foster great client relationships.